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On-site visit to provide information on plants, design ideas or solutions for your yard and landscape advice.

Rate: $125 for the first hour, $75/Hr. thereafter within the Edmonton Area. A travel fee may be added for areas outside of Edmonton.

Landscape Plan - Includes:

Rate: $75.00 per hour
Sample Plans

Custom Container Planting for any Season - includes:

$50/Hr. plus cost of materials


A beautiful garden does not just happen; it requires care and attention as all living things do. A garden develops and grows over time and requires annual or seasonal reviews. At Deep Roots we are committed to bringing your dream into reality by helping you achieve your goal. We have a team of qualified Master Gardeners ready to lend a helping hand in your garden, small or large. We are able to prune shrubs and small trees, monitor and treat pests and insects, install small projects, reorganize shrub and perennial beds, weed on a regular basis and, of course, provide advice on how to improve your landscape. Our fees range from $40.00/Hr. per person to $65.00/Hr. per person depending on the service.

At Deep Roots we also recognize that every homeowner and every landscape has different needs and budgets. From April to November we can provide an ongoing maintenance schedule once a week, every two weeks, once a month or whenever you need help. Our minimum fee for a home visit is $100.00.